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Animation Short Films

The Most Watched Animated Film Ek Anek Aur Ekta 1974


The Most Watched Animated Film Ek Anek Aur Ekta 1974



Ek Anek Aur Ekta or “One, Many, and Unity” (also known as Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiyan after the title song)


The film was intended to teach the value of unity and teamwork to children (Unity in Diversity). It also contains the message of how India is stronger if its citizens stand united, regardless of cultural differences. It begins with a group of children playing in a garden with one of them asking his elder sister, “Didi, yeh anek kya hota hai?”, or in English, “Sis, what do you mean by Many?”. The rest of the film is the sister’s reply, using a metaphorical story of how a group of birds escape a bird catcher by uniting to recruit their friends, a group of mice.


Indigenous country All of us are one Tararara Languages ​​are many languages ​​are many What are these many sisters? Many i.e. lots Many? What a lot Ok.It’s okay. Sun one Chanda a Many stars How many stars are called? No no.Look again Sun one Chanda a A lot of stars Please explain right Look a squirrel Behind the back a butterfly Another butterfly One by one Done now Many butterflies Understand that One finger Many fingers Yes Didi Didi See that, many birds Hear the story of many birds? Yes Yes A bird One by one Pimple Didi, do not even tell us (all titles – Axis Dikshit) So listen again A bird Many birds The dana had sat down Hi Rama! But there was a trap laid there Can not you? Tiger – Bird Catcher Then what happened sisteri? Did he catch them? killed? If you are busy If small Big business should also be done one two Three Clever birds Sayani Girls Together Taking the net Flea Birds Fur! A friend of the birds lived near a village far away.

And they cut the net of birds Then saw you? How many enjoys when many become one! Sister, should I tell? Got done Became the strength to become courage Sister, if we become one, then we can do great things? sure why not ! So can this tree break even common? Yeah, you can break it but you have to get involved. Good luck! Wow ! Will enjoy big All the people of the indigenous nation are all the people of the indigenous nation. Whether there are many color variations in the language of color one too many Sun a chanda a star many A butterfly multiple butterflies A squirrel multiple squirrels A bird one a many birds Bella Gulab Juhi Champa Chameli Flowers are many but rosary is another

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( एक और अनेक ) Ek Anek Aur Ekta 1974

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