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Yearly Archives: 2016

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Indian Elections

India is about to go to the polls. 788 million people are eligible to vote in the world’s largest democracy. The role of regional, local and caste-based parties is important in Indian politics where Governments tend to rule by coalition, but this election is being

Indian Music

موسيقي هندي من تأليفي و توزيعي الموسيقي … لست مسؤلاً عن أي إستخدام سئ للموسيقه و جميع حقوق الملكيه الفكريه محفوظه و من يستغلها أي إستغلال سيعرض نفسه للمسائله القانونيه … My FaceBook Page … Source by Mahmoud Abdelshafee

West Indian Summer

As the daughter of Trinidadian parents, I am proud of my heritage. To honor all the beautiful and eclectic sounds of the Caribbean, I decided to make a mixtape (#WestIndianSummer) which features the sounds of Reggae, Reggaetone, Dancehall, Soca, Salsa, Merengue and Bachata! From Jamaica’s

indian summers.

working towards growing the production side of my music. I decided to release a free 3 track beat ep, the only rules to using the beats are down below. 1. Repost the beat ep entitled “indian summers” 2. Buy my latest album entitled “as we

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