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Daily Archives: March 7, 2019

50 Projects Selected for Animation Production Days 2019

Wil Film’s ‘Hugo & Holger’ is one of 50 projects to be presented at ADP 2019. STUTTGART, Germany — Fifty projects have been selected for the 13th edition of Animation Production Days, the annual business platform held as part of the Stuttgart International Festival of

Nickelodeon’s CG-Animated Leprechaun Tale “Lucky”

Hey everyone! Here is the trailer for the upcoming CG Animated Nickeldeon Original Movie that I was a part of in the past. The movie is called “Lucky” and as described in the article: “*Lucky* tells the story of Hap McSweeney (Sizemore), a leprechaun cursed

Critical Role Animated Series now on Kickstarter

Hello fellow animation friends. I just wanted to inform other people who may appreciate well animated shows. ​ Come check it out. If you can’t or don’t want to support the Kickstarter I wish you the best of days and hope you can at least

Netflix Adapting Graphic Novel ‘Pashmina’ into CG-Animated Musical Feature

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Netflix is adapting Nidhi Chanani’s highly acclaimed, bestselling graphic novel Pashmina into an original CG-animated musical with celebrated writer-director Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham), internationally renowned producer Ashok Amritraj, and Chadha’s long-standing writing partner, Paul Mayeda Berges. Pashmina is a fantasy and adventure story

Modeller – 3D Visualization

Gob title: Modeller – 3D Visualization Company: Ramboll Gob description: . Creative , determined , passionate and self – driven. Respect and follow company policies and procedures. Motivated to learn… projects, and we combine local insights with a global network of bright minds with specialist

My 3 weeks school animation project made with After Effects

Hi, i have followed a 6 weeks course for learning After Effects in a french digital school, and made a personal project to validate the course. Here it is. []( 3 weeks of hard work (the first 3 weeks of the course was for learning

FMX 2019 Adds ‘First Man,’ ‘Alita’ & ‘Dumbo’ to VFX Track

At FMX 2019, Oscar-winning miniature effects supervisor Ian Hunter (New Deal Studios) and VFX producer Michelle Eisenreich (DNEG) will reveal how they were able to create some of the most realistic and immersive in-camera VFX shots ever seen for ‘First Man.’ Additional programming highlights have

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