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Daily Archives: June 16, 2019

The Forgotten Purpose Of Marketing

We tend to think of marketing as the way we promote and sell our services. Marketing is partly what we do to take a potential customer on a journey from awareness to a sale. But that isn’t the only thing marketing is for. Great marketing

Small Acts Matter | The Story of Telling

It was still dark when a dishevelled man wearing a hoodie walked into the city centre convenience store at 6 am. He seemed agitated. He swore loudly when he realised he didn’t have enough money for a big bottle of Fanta. The sales assistant asked

Review: Rebooting ‘Das Boot,’ on Land and Sea

Review: Rebooting ‘Das Boot,’ on Land and Sea

Fans of the emblematic submarine adventure “Das Boot,” an international hit in 1981 and a favorite of those who like their war movies claustrophobic and single-minded, may be alarmed by descriptions of the new “Das Boot” television series. This German-British production, washing up on Hulu

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