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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Salman Rushdie on Corruption and the Opioid Crisis

Your story in this week’s issue, “The Little King,” revolves around the life of an Indian-American pharmaceutical billionaire, who attains that status first by inventing a dangerous, fast-acting opioid spray and then by insuring—through bribes paid to doctors and others—that millions of people become addicted

“The Little King,” by Salman Rushdie

Audio: Salman Rushdie reads. There once lived, at a series of temporary addresses across the United States of America, a travelling man of Indian origin, advancing years, and retreating mental powers, who had developed an unwholesome, because entirely one-sided, passion for a certain television personality,

David Spade Is Back on TV, Even Though He Never Left

David Spade Is Back on TV, Even Though He Never Left

If it sounds here like Spade is starting to slip into his stand-up shtick, he avowed that his days as a Hollywood Lothario are long behind him — a past stage that he continues to crack wise about “just because it’s so ingrained I can’t

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