2020 SHOWREEL – 2D Animation & Cartoon | DeeDee Animation Studio | Vietnam

DeeDee Animation Studio is an award-winning animation production studio, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We create engaging stories – from animated films and tv-series to commercial videos, with the beautiful visual language of cartoon & 2D animation.

DeeDee Animation Studio is founded in 2012 in Hanoi, Vietnam, from our passion for the art of animation and storytelling. Our team at DeeDee Animation Studio is a collective of young and passionate storytellers, artists, and animators that all share the same vision of bringing Vietnamese animation onto the world’s stage.

DeeDee Animation Studio takes pride in delivering our animation services at the highest international standard.

Explore our projects:

0:00 – ‘Glorious Mission’ (Animated Video): https://www.deedeestudio.net/gloriousmission
0:21 – ‘She-Kings’ (Animated Series): https://www.deedeestudio.net/she-kings
0:40 – ‘Broken Being: Prequel’ (Award-winning Animated Short Film): https://www.deedeestudio.net/brokenbeingprequel
0:52 – ‘What Is Free Fire?’ (Animated Commercial Video): https://www.deedeestudio.net/freefire
0:58 – ‘Awaken’ (Award-winning Animated Short Film): https://www.deedeestudio.net/awaken
1:01 – ‘The Silver iOn Squad’ (Animated Series): https://www.deedeestudio.net/thesilverionsquad
1:06 – ‘Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas’ (Animated Music Video): https://www.deedeestudio.net/christmasjustaintchristmas
1:13 – ‘Strong Vietnam’ (Animated Educational Video): https://www.deedeestudio.net/strong-vietnam
1:18 – ‘The Naught-Nice Business’ (Animated Series): https://www.deedeestudio.net/thenaughtnicebusiness

DeeDee Animation Studio

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