3D Character Animation Showreel 2019 – Mikaela Butcher

3D Character Animation by Mikaela Butcher

Please Note:
The final renders of the shots I animated are to be updated as soon as they are available. For the moment, I have mostly included them as Playblasts (from Maya), with some WIP lower resolution renders.

As soon as they are available (within the next few weeks), I will include a link to the two completed short animated films, as to provide the appropriate accreditation to the other production roles. All of the shots that appear within my showreel are from either the films “Profound” or “Rivals” and only represents a portion of the animation work I underwent.

Music by Scott Buckley – scottbuckley.com.au
Voice Actor for Timmy by Charlie Greig-Byrne
Voice Actor for Jemima (Jem) by Vidida Sontichai

Thank you for watching, and I would love to hear from you!

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