About a Mother (Pro Mamu)

This story is about a mother who has given so much that it looks like she has nothing left… but life opens up the new opportunities.
This is a graduation film from school – studio “SHAR” Moscow.
About a Mother is part of 18th Annual Animation Show of Shows • 2016 by Ron Diamond.
Stuttgart’16 ITFS (Germany) – Best Student Film,
SICAF 2016 – Korea – Best Student Film,
Zagreb “ANIMAFEST” 2016 – Special Jury Mention in the Student Category,
ZLIN Film Festival 2016 – Hermína Týrlová Award – Award for Young Artists under 35,
ANIMOCJE (Poland) 2016 – Grand-prix,
LUCAS (Germany) – Best Animated Short Film,
Animator (Poland) – Best Animated Short Film,
Tampere Film Festival (Finland) – Diploma of Merit in the “Animation” Category,
IndieJúnior Allianz Festival 2017- Best Animated Short Film
XXVI International Film and Music Gathering MEDIAWAVE (Hungary) 2016 – Best Animated Film
XXIII Student & First Film Festival “Saint Anna” (Russia) 2016 – 1st Place and Prize in the “Animated film” category
Southern Arisona Independent Film Festival (USA) 2016 – Best Dramatic Student Film
IX Cairo International Forum of Animation Films (Egypt) 2016 – Best Prize
International Children and Youth Film Festival “Zero Plus” (Russia) – Best Animated Film
XII International Animated Film Festival “Animateka” (Slovenia) 2015 – Best Film in the Elephant Programme
X International Animated Film Festival “Tindirindis” (Lithuania) 2015 – Best Student Film
XVII Animated Dreams (Estonia) 2015 – Best Student Film,
XI EARLY BIRD International Student Film Festival 2015 – Best Animated Film
JIO Mumbai International Film Festival (India) 2015 – Silver Gateway Award for Children’s Short Film
International Festival of Animated Films TOFUZI (Georgia) – Best Student Film
XX Giffoni Experience (Italy) 2015 – The 1st Winner in the +18 Section (Animation)
Open Air Animated Film Festival “Insomnia” (Russia) – 1st Place in the Student Film Category
10 Tehran Animation Festiva 2017 – Golden Prize for the best student animation
IndieJunior Allianz (Lisboa)2017 – Short Film Grand Prize

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