Alex’s Wreckers Yard” from get Animated 2012

Get Animated summer school 2012 was delivered by rendermedia Ltd, and Create Studios, this partnership of the 2 companies allowed Create studios who track record in delivering training and development across different youth age groups the chance to deliver a new and exciting training course in the area of CGI and animation of the level seen in computer games and television,

The course was delivered by the team behind Rendermedia, headed up by Mark Miles a BAFTA award winning 3D Animator who’s career has spanned across children’s television , commercials, and digital media platforms.

The course was designed to allow students to get to gribs straight away with the basics of 3D, namely selecting, and moving objects, as well as simple movements, the tutors delivered the course over the course of a week introducing different phases over different days which culminated in the students fully immersive in their project and able to focus on the areas of interest covered over the course.

The final deliver saw the creation of different movies along a similar scene based on a racing car track fully equipped with crash barriers, and objects that the racing car could interact with such as crates, and barrels, the quality of the final films were of a very high standard across the age group,

Mark Miles one of the tutors comments ” that the students were given a week to learn and apply the basics of 3d in a prebuilt scene, the students who ages ranged from 9 – 15 not only followed our instruction but suppased what we wanted them to deliver, and this is clearly visible in the finished films, where we have cars, skidding, and crashing into objects, which demonstrates, that the students have understood and applied principles of animation even in this carefully prescribed environment.

The course finished every day with the showing of a CGI animated short film that got the students excited and ready to go for the next day,

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