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An Armature for 3D Animation Like The Dinosaur Input Device?

Hey, everyone!


So I have never really been good at 3D animation. I’ve tried a few programs, like SFM and Blender, and while I think I understand how they work, I’m just not the artsy guy, y’know? But I ran into something a while ago and just found it again! It’s the Dinosaur Input Device used in Jurassic Park! Here’s a link: [](


It’s basically a stop-motion armature with sensors and input the translated movements from the armature to a skeleton in a 3d program, for those who are unfamiliar. My question is, are these accessible for modern 3d animation? If not, how can I make something like this so that I can set up, animate, and fine-tune animations better than dragging a dot across a screen and messing up a pose? Thanks!!!

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