Animated Podcast Intro Sequence – Terrible, Thanks For Asking

The third and final animated podcast intro of 2018 is here! If you don’t know what Terrible Thanks For Asking is about, you’re about to find out (and maybe shed a few cathartic tears along the way.)
With the design and motion of this sequence we wanted to show how individual experiences can create warmth and human interaction — much like how Nora McInerny, the host, always connects with her guests using her immense capacity for empathy.

Producers: Laura Irons and Theresa Brooks
Associate Creative Director: Kelsie Ozamiz
Script: Kelsie Ozamiz
Art Direction: Rohan McDonald
Storyboards, Design & Animatic: Rohan McDonald
Animation: Martiniano García (Fú)
Theme Music: Geoffrey Lamar Wilson
Voice & Host: Nora McInerny

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