Animating Reality: A Collection of Short Documentaries Trailer

ANIMATING REALITY is a collection of 13 films including award-winning animated short documentaries by filmmakers from Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, France, Finland, Canada, Belgium and the United States. This compilation includes:

Conversing with Aotearoa/New Zealand US/15 min/Corrie Francis.
In an age of technological integration and urban life, New Zealanders attempt to fathom their deep, personal connection with their land.

Blue, Karma, Tiger Sweden/12 min/Mia Hulterstam, Cecilia Actis
Spraypainters leave their mark on walls, tunnels and trains. But we rarely see the person behind the painted name. Three unmasked painting girls tell us why they do it.

The Last Words of Dutch Schultz The Netherlands/23 min/Gerrit van Dijk
Three mobsters were shot in a bathroom. Dutch Schultz lived for the next twenty hours, during which he rambled incoherently. This film is an abstract representation of what Schultz tried to say. Voiced by Rutger Hauer.

The Beloved Ones United Kingdom/6 min/Samantha Moore
An intimate portrait of two Ugandan women living with the repercussions of HIV/AIDS.

Sold Out The Netherlands/8 min/Gerrit van Dijk, Marie José van der Linden
In a tribute to the vanishing breed of small shopkeepers, we see the demise of family shops as a supermarket chain advances.

One Voice, One Vote France/14 min/Jeanne Paturle, Cécile Rousset
In the run-up to the 2007 presidential elections, two strangers discuss the importance of voting. Martine, who took her first political steps in 1968, still extols a passionate and generous vision. Young Arnaud, disappointed by democracy, wonders about the point of politics.

Learned By Heart Finland/29 min/Marjut Rimminen, Paivi Takala
Five episodes explore the legacies of Finland’s post-war period by digging into the unspoken stories, misunderstandings and mysteries experienced by a child of the era.

Birdlings Two Canada/6 min/Davina Pardo
In revisiting a computer-animated film her father made when he was 20, this filmmaker explores the relationships between art and invention, hopes and disappointment and fathers and daughters.

A Shift in Perception Australia/16 min/Dan Monceaux
This examination of blindness takes an experimental approach to documentary making. The lives of three blind South Australian women are illustrated using a broad range of camera techniques on Super8 film.

Wiener Wuast Japan/5 min/Maya Yonesho
This kaleidoscopic travelogue through Vienna, Austria synthesizes 2D animation and 3D film-making, while using hand-painted-watercolor stop-motion animation.

In the Same Boat Australia/7 min/Emily Bissland
In this true story, a racist Vietnam War veteran’s life changes after he meets an Iraqi refugee in a hospital.

Do It Yourself Belgium/13 min/Eric Ledune
Based on the CIA’s 1970 instructional torture book, this film uses animated fish to explore ways to execute people without fail.

Talking About Amy United States/8 min/Yoriko Murakami
Through her artwork and experiences as a mother in the US, we explore Japanese pop artist Emi Iijima’s ideas about family and social norms.

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