Animation Demo Reel 2020

A look at projects in various stages of production. Thanks for watching!

Demo Reel Breakdown:
1. I had the honor of participating in Zeurel’s Dover Boys Reanimated animation collab. It was such a treat to take part in interpreting one of the best animated shorts of all time. Shot 091.
2. My part for the SpongeBob “Help Wanted” collab.
3. Rabbit of Seville collab part. Toon Boom Harmony.
4. A portion of my animation for the @SBRehydrated collab.
5. Freaky Fred Reanimated part for Zeurel’s collab.
6. Participated in Cats Don’t Dance reanimation collab.
7. Personal project
8. “Fly Away” MAP part 29 for Scribble Kibble. Animated in TVPaint, traced and colored in Medibang. Check out her awesome channel here:
Music by TheFatRat:
9. Wolf with cane. TVPaint.
10. Flying bat. TVPaint.
11. 11 Second Club entry. TVPaint.
12. Portion of Simon Films short. Cleanup only. Toon Boom Harmony.
13. Two animals have an awkward conversation in a restaurant. TVPaint

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