Animation Reel 2015 Stuart MacBean

Projects I have worked on over the past year. Here is the breakdown of what I did:

Shot 1 – 4:
Masters Project 2015. I worked along side a modeler and compositor to create this. I was responsible for story, character design, rigging and animation. We shot the entire film with someone in a green morph suit that I animated to when he interacted with objects but tried to do something different for the parts where he does not touch anything. I used Maya for the rig creation and animation. I worked very closely with the compositor to ensure the footage we shot and the character interacting with the environment was working for him.

Shot 5, 6, 9:
7 week group project 2015. This was done for my masters in which we had to make a water woman transform into a water dragon in a live action environment. I did character design along with one other person for the dragon and also storyboarding, pre-vis, rigging and animation. As we designed most of the dragon anatomy on a bat I used a lot of reference from bats to animate it. I used Photoshop, premiere and Maya for the project. Also a small amount of Houdini to animate the hands which we did not get for the female mo-cap part.

Shot 7:
Short obstacle animation 2014. This was a short animation for university in which I had to animate a character overcoming an obstacle. I used Maya for the animation and rendered using Vray

Shot 8:
Short animation cycle 2014. This was done along side the short obstacle animation over 3 weeks. I chose to make my animation a fight combo cycle from the choices we where given and took inspiration from Dragonball and Bruce Lee films and did the effects in Photoshop.

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