Animation Reel 2020

My showreel of the animation work I have done for the past two years. As I have now completed my term in the Letterkenny Institute of Technology, I am now available for remote or on-site animation job opportunity (i.e. animation intern, digital clean-up artist, ink/paint artist, production assistant; entry-level) and would appreciate any inquiries. Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer. #OpenToWork

You can contact me in the following emails:

Showreel contents:
1.) “OutFoxed” short film by Max Everett – I animated the chipmunk girl, Anabelle.

2.) “Hey you! Get off of my cloud!” – Dialogue animation based on one clip from the Nintendo/Philips CD-i game ‘Hotel Mario’.

3.) “It’s a stone, Luigi.” – Dialogue piece based on one famous scene from the episode of the Super Mario World cartoon, The Yoshi Shuffle. My rabbit sona Gerry cosplays as Mario.

4.) “You fell for my trap!” – Dialogue piece based on one clip from ‘Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie’ (not the recent live-action/CG animated movie), featuring Fang the Sniper from the arcade game ‘Sonic the Fighters’.

5.) “Chief Inspector of Subway Toilets” – Dialogue piece based on one clip from ‘The Iron Giant’, with John Mahoney’s voice of General Rogard from that film.

6.) “Badminton” – Stick figure-style animated short I made for the LYIT in 2018.

7.) “Grumpy Cat” – A short animation made for the LYIT in 2019, just two months before Grumpy Cat’s passing.

{I animated the previous six dialogue animation pieces entirely}

8.) “Good Doggie, No Bone!” – I provided the clean-up, FX and color for a short fan-made animation of Rita the Fox (from the Danish Jungledyret Hugo series of films) dancing in the same manner as the ‘Good Doggie, No Bone’ sequence from the Disney DTV film, ‘The Fox and the Hound 2’. The person who did the original rough animation is anonymous.

9.) “Wolf” film project – I provided the color for one shot in this volunteer-based film project, with animation by Marji Bordner.

10.) “I Found You” short film – I provided cleanup work for some of the frames for a shot animated by the now-in-production film’s creator Ania Przybylko.

11.) “Great Adventure Railroad” short film – I provided cleanup, inbetween and ink/paint work for several shots of an animated short film commissioned by a Taiwanese film studio to the Barcelona, Spain-based animation studio, Simon Films. As with ‘OutFoxed’, ‘Wolf’ and ‘I Found You’, I worked remotely on this project.

Software used:
* Toon Boom Harmony
* Adobe Animate
* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Premiere

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