Animation Reel May 2015

Hi, my name is Lynn and this is my animation reel from my graduating year at BCFE, May 2015. If you enjoyed this reel and want to know more, please read on below for links to my websites, credits, and a detailed description of each piece included in this reel. Thank you!

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Thanks to students and staff of BCFE
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For this reel, I chose to style it in a sort of cinema theme. I would begin with the kinds of slates you’d see at the start of a film, end with a logo, and credit slates.

00:00 – 00:03 Title slate inspired by the IFCO slate shown before films in Irish cinemas (for more on IFCO see

00:03 – 00:06 This is not stock footage (only the sound effect is from a stock source). I created the slates in Photoshop (PS) and animated it in After Effects (AE). If it interests you, read up on the details and requirements for Film Leaders here: and here

00:06 – 00:11 A scene I animated in PS (using Anim Dessin ) and composited in AE for our graduating short film “The Teacup”, on which I was Animation Director and Production Manager. Character designs, story and direction by Elif Boyacioglu Background art by Francesca Saunders

00:11 – 00:17 An animation test for a short film I pitched. In addition to the animation in TV Paint (TVP), I designed the characters & background in PS, and composited the shot in AE. You can see the piece by itself here:

00:17 – 00:20 From September 2014 to April 2015, I worked as an Intern at Salty Dog Pictures on their TV show Inis Spraoi You can watch the show on RTÉ! The show was made in ToonBoom Harmony, and one of my duties as intern on the show included animating the lip sync for the Irish language and international versions of the show. Image is used with the permission of the director Cliff Parrott

00:20 – 00:25 A scene from my first college short film, “Beyond This Point”, which I made by myself in my 3rd year. You can view it here: I made the backgrounds in 3DS Max, animated the characters on paper, and coloured them in PS. (Comp in AE).

00:25 – 00:29 I made this piece for a Nickelodeon competition paying tribute to their show “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. BG is my own paper texture, and I animated using TVP. View more Avatar fan artwork here:

00:29 – 00:35 An oldie but a goodie. My emotional sack exercise, animated on paper.

00:35 – 00:40 I decided to put this piece last in my reel, as I have fond memories of the Disney logo appearing at the end of a film before I would rewind the VHS to watch the film again. This piece was done for an Motion Graphic Artist application I made for the Harry Potter fan convention called Leaky Con It can be viewed by itself at (I also made a second piece which can be seen at BG made in PS. I used a colour palette inspired by Leaky Con’s newsletter. I animated the Golden Snitch in TV Paint, and composited everything and added effects in AE. The overall logo and animation is a parody of the Disney logo; the Golden Snitch and Hogwarts castle belong to the Harry Potter universe of JK Rowling and Warner Bros.

If you’ve read this far, thank you very much, I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed my reel.

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