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When it comes to Marketing for your business, are you thinking of using video? Are you afraid it will cost a ton? Are you not ready to step in front of the camera? Not to worry! There is a fast, easy and inexpensive solution.
But before we show you… Here are 3 Effective Video Marketing Tips for you:
#1 – Have a specific goal for your marketing piece.
– Ask yourself the question why, again and again, about what you are about to share with the world. This will cause you to go deeper with intent and stay on point to help achieve a specific goal.
#2 – Make a list of at least three words to describe your marketing piece.
– be as descriptive as possible and use words that will help bring clarity to the goal of the piece. The clearer the thinking behind the marketing, the more successful it will be.
#3 – List three words that describe how you want the audience to feel when watching your marketing piece.
– almost ALL purchasing decisions are made based on feeling, as opposed to facts. The type of feeling you wish to create for your audience will have a major affect on your marketing as a whole, and because emotions are powerful things, we can trigger them just by using certain colors, fonts, images, music and even word choices. So, choose wisely.
To tie this all together, here is an example of a short custom animated video.

Can you guess the three points covered in the tips after watching it?

Post your answers and see if you get them all correct.


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