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Animation Short Films

Animation Short Films

Animations for ESL learnes?


Animations for ESL learnes?


I’m an English Second Language teacher and I make a podcast about lots of different subjects to do with Art and Culture for learning English. I’m making a podcast episode about storytelling according to Pixar and also how animated films are a good medium for sending a message.

In my podcast episode, I also want to be able to feature an animator who makes short films that might be appropriate for English Second Language learners to create comprehension activities for. If this is you, send me a message with a link to your youtube channel or somewhere I can find your animations and I’ll take a look and pick one to feature. Each podcast has a transcript etc and I can put you on my Instagram for example. (I don’t have a huge following as I am only just starting out). Anyway, get in contact if you might be interested.

Thanks 🙂


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