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Animator required – Spacemen story! (Paid gig) Need help!!


Animator required – Spacemen story! (Paid gig) Need help!!

Hey my name is Matt and i’m currently working on a passion project about a team of idiot spacemen who have some how managed to be the universes only shot at overthrowing the evil space-dictatorship that is plaguing the galaxy. Im having super fun working on the script for this but there is one problem… I have no idea how to animate.

The gig:

So the outline of the series is that it will consist of roughly 10 episodes that run for about 2-3 mins each. It will be a 2D animation/ pixel. The show will have a very basic animation style kinda like sips and sjins spacemen series ( [](

Money wise as i mentioned this isnt just free labor. I am completely happy for you guys to pick how much money you want for the work my roughly my budget is £500 (£50 per episode roughly) but i’m extremely happy to change! I will credit you in the animation obviously! The series will then be uploaded to YouTube for all to see. This is an amazing opportunity for you guys to expand and develop your own animation styles and for them to get shown off to the public.

How to enter:

I would love to talk to you guys and see all of your animation styles! If you are interested feel free to drop me a message with a small animation for me to see what you are able to do! I look forward to hearing from you guys 🙂

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