Animatricks Animation Festival 2015 TRAILER

Song: Kobra Kicks – Krokodil (
Playful and lively Animatricks Festival is here again! Animatricks presents the funniest, oddest, wittiest and loveliest animated films from around the globe. This year the festival has two themes: Sound and Crowdfunding.
The festival will be opened with the brilliant, sarcastic and feministic Rocks In My Pockets. The festival will be honoured to have the film’s director Signe Baumane attend the festival.
Mark Thomas, the composer know for his brilliant work with Shaun The Sheep, will attend the festival and tell the audience about how he composes for animation.
Animatricks also showcases a variety of new Finnish and international short animations which are competing for Animatricks Awards. We also have a wide range of activities and screenings for kids and youth! How about improvised dubbing for Angry Birds? Or a live-concert, where Giggle Bug-episodes will get new music and sound?
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