AYA | ANIMATED SHORT FILM | by Edison Fuentes |English subtitled|

Synopsis: “At dawn, an old country man finishes up his harvest day and goes to an old tree for some rest while he plays his old flute. His fatigue conquers him and he falls asleep, suddenly the wind blows off the old man’s hat with such intensity that it takes it into the cornfield. He runs after it without knowing what’s yet to come, an unexpected encounter.”
This is a project that not only involves the animation process, but beyond it, it required a deep investigation to capture and transmit the Ecuadorian culture from the native people and their beliefs and myths. How music is part of their daily routine as an important tool to maintain a relationship with nature. It was a lifetime adventure to learn from this wonderful and unique experience, and most important to be part of this culture.
The story tells about a death process and encounter between an old native country man and the “Aya” (Spirit), ancestral mythical and mystical character of the Kichwa culture.
The script is based on traditional and unique characters from the native indigenous people from the northern of Ecuador, inspired by beliefs, legends and myths told by elders.
In conclusion, the purpose was to tell the story in such an expressive manner to capture the audience through the visual and audio experiences; which in turn, immerses them emotionally, while simultaneously project the oral tradition of the Taytas (forefathers).

VIEW THE PROCESS BEHIND: https://vimeo.com/emagination/ayashortprocess

Awards & Recognitions:
Cultural Animation Film Festival CAFF2019 | Screening (Honolulu-Hawai)
Indigenous Creatives Festival 2018 | Screening New York City
Festival International du Film d’Animation de Paris 2016 (France) | Screening
Anima Latina 2016 Buenos Aires (Argentina) | Screening
Creactive International Open Film Festival 2016 (Bangladesh) | Country Best Award
Ecuadorian Film Festival New York 2016 | Official Selection
Monstra Festival 2016 (Portugal) | Official Selection
A long week of short films festival Shanghai 2015/2016 (China) | Official Selection
Animarte Festival 2015 (Brazil)  | Best Graduation Film South America
IndieEarth Animation Film Festival 2015 (Chennai) | Official Selection
Anima International Festival 2015 (Argentina) | Panorama International
P.O.R.T. Festival 2015 (Germany) | Official Selection
Festival de Cine la Orquidea 2015 (Ecuador) | Official Selection
Eurocine Festival 2014 (Ecuador) | Screened
Premios Cocoa – USFQ 2014 (Ecuador) | Graduation film Recognition Award
Animandino 2014 (Venezuela) | Official Selection
LoopFest 2014 (Colombia) | Official Selection

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