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Best to Worst! RANKING the Best Picture Oscars Movies 2018


Best to Worst! RANKING the Best Picture Oscars Movies 2018


Best to Worst! RANKING the Best Picture Oscars Movies 2018

Here’s Johnny! Hey guys hope you are going well so it’s Oscar’s time again and this year I didn’t get a chance to share with you my initial reactions on the nominations for best picture the one’s made the cut and more importantly the one’s that didn’t make the cut. RIP The Florida Project, I still love you. So instead today we are going to rank all the best picture nominated films from Best to Worst. None of these films are the worst they all definitely deserve to be nominated and this is going to be my very subjective personal opinions about how I would rank the movies in my personal preference from the ones that are my favourite to the ones that are my least favourite. And as of last night I finally finished watching all 9 of the nominated movies so it’s been a very long road from when I very first watched Get Out back in May of last year to finally finished up with The Post just last night in February.

Let’s get started First up it’s number 9 and it’s Darkest Hour directed by Joe Wright now I am all for historical biopics and this one starring Gary Oldman who is undisputedly fantastic as the Cantankerous and very difficult prime minister Winston Churchill, kind of left me wanting more. Set in WW2 on the eve of a potential Nazi invasion into Britain, Gary Oldman he’s fantastic with all those prosthetics and makeup to make him look like old and crochety and crusty, he does a really good job but something about the filmmaking craft, Joe Wright just hasn’t really done it for me since back when he did Atonement. Oh and I secretly love Pride and Prejudice the remake… don’t tell anyone. Darkest Hour was a perfectly fine very adequate good movie, the emotional climax at the end just didn’t really get there for me and it might just have been a scripting thing all around.

Next up at number 8 I am choosing The Post directed by Steven Spielberg now this was my final movie on my movie best picture list to watch and I just kept putting it off and off and off, of course I was all for the threesome, seeing Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks all together in one movie for the first time ever but the subject material of this one just seemed so dense and none of the trailers or marketing hooked me or intrigued me in anyway shape or form. The story is covering the Washington Post’s discover and involvement in publishing leaked governement documents about the disasterious Vietnam War. Meryl Streep is fantastic, yes she is always fantastic. Meryl probably doesn’t need another Oscar but uh, fine give her a best actress nomination because she always deserves it.

Her character here was one we don’t get to see a lot of on screen, she is a fighter but she is living in a very male dominated world she is living in a man’s world but she navigates it in her own way on her own time, she’s not forced so I really found that an interesting aspect much more than all the political stuff going on in the background. Next up for number 7 I am choosing Phantom Thread by Paul Thomas Anderson and this one stars Daniel Day Lewis who is apparently going into retirement or has retired after doing this film so this is his last film, who told me that? Daniel Day Lewis plays a very eccentric high society fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock and this one is a romance movie as only a Paul Thomas Anderson romance movie could be, so it’s romantic but in the strangest most unhealthy way. Vicky Krieps the Luxenborgian actress, is that how you say it? Luxengorgian. She matches Daniel Day Lewis’s performance on absolutely level now their chemistry together is the threat which holds this entire film together.

He. Thread. A beautiful looking movie but a little bit lack lustre it didn’t really pack any kind of punch for me. I enjoyed it but it really felt to me like an “Oscar Movie” whatever whatever that means. Next up at number 6 I’m choosing Get Out directed byJordan Peele and it is so good to see a horror movie nominated in the best picture category. This movie made big headlines when it was released because it is particularly culturally potent about a white woman who brings her black boyfriend home to meet her family and then things get a little bit spooky and weird. Lots of racially charged commentary which is very interesting but you strip all of that back and it’s still a really good horror mystery in it’s own merit.

I really liked it, I also probably liked the general conversation and cultural chatter surrounding this movie just as much as the movie itself, so extra points for that. I am really really excited to see what Jordan Peele will do next. Number 5 I picked the Shape of Water directed by Guillermo del Toro and this is gothic drama at it’s absolute finest. A mute cleaner lady who falls for a strange amphibious creature in a top secret 1960’s government facility. I really loved how European this whole movie felt, it was very stylistic, it was very eerie and conspiratory with an edge of that fantastical thrown in. Sally Hawkins was a marvellous casting choice, she’s a little bit older and it was the more bold choice for her in this role but it was perfection, I loved her in this.

Number 4 I wanted to choose Call Me By Your Name directed by Luca Guadigino and this one is undeniably the fan favourite people are just head over heels for this movie and with absolute good reason. Timothy Chamelet and the slightly older Armie Hammer together in this Italian Summer romance, it is so picturesque it is the best of a blossoming romance with all those awkward parts with all those second guessing with all that hopeless infatuation that comes with it. It’s a beautiful movie put together by a really skilled director with a really clear eye of how to capture this really unusual sort of coming of age romance and it’s just absolutely gorgeous.

Gorgeous movie. Number 3 I’ve picked Lady Bird directed by Greta Gerwig and Greta Gerwig she is just the lady of the moment. Her work has been consistently marvellous and Lady Bird just continues her trend of looking at female driven coming of age stories and the fact that this is her directorial debut it’s just such a worthy and exciting film to be in this category. The significance is not lost on me that she is the only female to get a best picture nomination and a best director nomination and that should be applauded all on it’s own.

Soirse Ronan stars as Christine who calls herself Lady Bird and this is her final year at school, it’s a bridging year between being a teen, being an adolescent to becoming an adult. It’s looking at that final school year of being popular, of dating boys, of school dances, fighting with your parents the whole works it’s not always pretty but it is very honest. For number 2 this is a movie which really got under my skin and that is Dunkirk directed by Christopher Nolan, Now this is the version of WW2 I was a lot more taken with as oppose to Darkest Hour which I mentioned earlier. This is the final push of the German’s to the beaches of Dunkirk and the imminent destruction of the British troops and how the retreat unfolded and was unbelievably successful thanks to Chruchhill. This is the war film that didn’t feel like a war film that just totally surprised and floored me, like it felt complex there is so much going on in the grander scale of this film but the way it focuses on it’s story and it’s little vignettes of character is sharp like a knife and so simple.

These exhausted war weary soldiers on the beach with no way out so tense, the cinematography was so unusual, the score by Hans Zimmer. I was really all about the tone that this film brought and the mood about it. Some vignettes and story threads I preferred over others but as a whole the movie just really worked for me. So now you know what I’ve got for number 1, it is easily my favourite movie for 2017 it is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri directed by Martin Mcdonagh. Of course you probably guessed this is my favourite pick for best picture because I personally love this movie so much, it’s not the universal favourite but it’s my dark horse favourite. I will leave a link to my full review up somewhere in the youtube cards. So Frances Mcdormand as a grieving mother who processes that grief by putting up a bunch of billbaords pointing the finger directly at the police for not doing enough of a good job at solving her daughters murder.

The dialogue is so sharp, I adore the screenplay I really hope Martin Mcdonagh wins for best original screenplay. It’s brazen, it’s entirely misguided and not at all the right way to go about things but it’s a story of anger and grief and processing that in your own way even if that way is not the right way, it is still a way. I cannot say more good things about this movie and how clever I thought it was.

There you have it guys how I would personally rank all 9 of the best picture nominated movies for this years academy awards. Sound off in the comments below what your order would be, of course it’s entirely subjective depending on what genres you like what characters and stories kind of speak to you. There is no right or wrong answer all these movies are entirely deserving. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to keep uptodate with all things movies and tv. I will as-well be doing my Oscar predictions which i do every year which I try and guess all the Oscar winners. I hadn’t thought about that but I should definitely get on that because I think we are less than a week away now. So now that I’ve seen all the best picture movies I will definitely be getting onto my predictions so stay tuned for that. That is it from me guys and I will see you next time. Bye..

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Best to Worst! RANKING the Best Picture Oscars Movies 2018

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