Bill Plympton Animation University introduction

How would you like to be famous, like Bill Plympton? Well, here’s your chance!

Starting Monday, January 9, 2017 – I plan to kick off my 2-month intensive course on animation, which will last until March 6.

Every Monday night from 6-8 pm I’ll hold detailed lectures at my studio about each phase of making a short animated film.
Through the use of drawing lessons, film screenings and tips I’ve learned during my 50-year career as an illustrator, cartoonist, caricature artist and filmmaker, I will inspire and motivate the students to make their own films.

The classes will take place at my studio on West 27th St. in Manhattan (Chelsea neighborhood, off 7th Ave.)
The class size will be limited to 15 students. There is no requirement other than a hunger to learn how to create a great film.
So if you are interested in the classes, either in-person or online, please contact me by e-mail at:

For more information:

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