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Brooke Keesling, Gary Schwartz Among Presenters at Anibar Animation Festival


Brooke Keesling, Gary Schwartz Among Presenters at Anibar Animation Festival

The Anibar International Animation Festival is coming July 23-30 to Peja, Kosovo, this year featuring over 300 film screenings, 3 special programs, 5 presentations, 4 workshops, and 6 panels. Presentations and workshops will be offered by special guests including Brooke Keesling, Gary Schwartz, and Lori Malépart- Traversy.


“Getting into the Animation Industry” – Brooke Keesling – July 29

  • Keesling will share her experience working in the animation industry and give practical advice on how to break through in the creative industry.
  • Her first animated short, Boobie Girl won both a Student Oscar and Emmy Award in 2001/2002. She subsequently worked on practical and miniature video effects films including Inception; The Dark Knight; Hugo; Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; Green Lantern; and The Aviator.
  • She has worked as a talent scout in animation and filmmaking for companies like Cartoon Network, Disney, and Warner Bros.
  • Keesling is currently head of animation talent development at Bento Box Entertainment, where she works on Bob’s Burgers.


“BARMATION” – Gary Schwartz – daily July 24-29

  • Schwartz is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker, award winning animator, director, as well as educator.
  • He will provide a front row seat to his unique approach in the world of hands-on animation.
  • Witness the creation process and create an animated promo for the festival using techniques, like stop-motion and kinetic visual storytelling.
  • Schartz has worked at Disney, Sesame Street and MTV as an animator and filmmaker.
  • He has taught in traditional settings like schools and universities, but also educated people in prisons and mental health institutions.


“The journey of a clitoris across the world” – Lori Malépart-Traversy – July 25

  • Malépart-Traversy joins with a virtual presentation sharing useful details about her creative and taboo-breaking approach to animation.
  • Her film The Clitoris, dealt with the theme of female masturbation and sensuality; she aspires to continue to break taboos around female sexuality.
  • Her direct involvement in the topics of female empowerment, sexual assault as well as female sensuality presents the opportunity for a larger conversation.

In addition to these guests, the event will host other interesting filmmakers and animators taking part in panels, juries, or presentations. The full program is available here.

Source: Anibar Animation Festival

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