COLUMBOS | trailer | short film | stop motion animation | カワイオカムラ | コロンボス(トレーラー)

2012 | 9’15” | DCP | Japan | color | animation | experimental | stop motion animation | After Effects
Director: Kawai + Okamura
Music: Marihiko Hara
Distribution: CaRTe bLaNChe

A homicide scene with the corpse of an actress dressed in red, a man with a gunshot wound, and an internationally well-known detective. Is this the climax scene from some drama? Or is it a murder that took place during the shooting of a film?
“Columbos” is a meta-mystery movie containing fragments of crime and suspense in a refractive world.

2012 Locarno International Film Festival | Locarno, Switzerland
2012 London International Animation Festival | London, UK
2012 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation | Chicago, USA
2013 International Film Festival Rotterdam | Rotterdam, Nederland
2013 Anima Festival (The Brussels Animation Film Festival) | Brusseles, Belgium
2013 Flatpack Festival | Birmingham, UK
2013 Krakow Film Festival | Krakow, Poland | the SILVER DRAGON for the Director of the Best Animated Film
2013 The FILE – Electronic Language International Festival | Sao Paulo, Brazil
2013 CutOut Fest International Animation Festival | Queretaro, Mexico
2013 L’Alternativa the Barcelona Independent Film Festival | Barcelona, Spain
2013 Indie Cork a festival of independent cinema | Cork, Ireland
2014 Ars Electoronica 2014 | Linz, Austria | Honorary Mention
2015 FILMFEST DRESDEN International Short Film Festival | Dresden, Germany

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監督 カワイオカムラ
音楽 原摩利彦
配給 CaRTe bLaNChe

殺人現場、赤いドレスの女優の死体、銃弾に倒れる男、そして、世界一有名な刑事(?) これはドラマのクライマックスシーンなのか? それとも、撮影中に起こった殺人事件・・・? クライムサスペンスのフラグメントが散りばめられた合わせ鏡的世界。時間と空間、そして虚と実が分裂症的モンタージュによって交錯する、メタ・ミステリー・ムービー!

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