Danielle First year Cut out Animation

I will be introducing , Three of my best animated films which i am proud of so far. When i first started the University of East London, i had no knowledge of Animation, but i had a wide interest in the subject area. When i had first started the course, my skills were weak, but as i continue, i got better within time and i was drawn even more into the subject area. being an Animator is something that i want to be in the future, cause when i was a kid, watching cartoons would always put a smile on my face, no matter how silly it may look, and by doing animation , I would also want to share that joy for other kids as well.

The first animation is a short film which i had made in my second year of University, the title is called, Jenny, my love , which is a heart break story about this girl who feel in love with her Boyfriend’s best friend. In this animation, the material that i use is mainly cut out.

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