Digital Storyboards



Throughout these lessons, we’ll go over the steps necessary to creating concept storyboards. There are times when static storyboards aren’t enough to articulate a scene to producers or directors. That’s when we have to take our work to the next level and animate the boards into simple animatics, so there nothing is left to wonder, and the vision is fully conveyed. The steps are simple but very crucial, and we’ll be using both Photoshop and After Effects to complete our task.

01. Introduction and project overview.

02. Initial storyboard layouts.

03. Roughing in our frames

04. Determining reusable assets

05. Laying down line art

06. Filling in and flushing out our assets

07. Finishing up our animatable assets

08. Setting up and importing our footage

09. Organizing our asset layers

10. Animating our background asset

11. Refining our shot animations

12. Creating depth with color effects

13. Reviewing completed shots

14. Adding our final touches

15. Editing the final sequence

16. Working with the render queue

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