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Disney World in One Day – Visit All 4 Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida!


Disney World in One Day – Visit All 4 Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida!

Alright, we made it to Disney! So, today is our big day and we got the one day Park Hopper. So we’re trying to go to all 4 amusement parks in one day. So there’s Animal Kingdom, which we’re at now… And then there’s Hollywood Studios, and then Epcot and then Magic Kingdom will be last. So we got the new Express Transportation, so that’ll help us out transferring to different parks because usually it takes forever to go from one park to the next because it’s such a huge place. Yeah, so with this Express Bus, we don’t actually have to leave the park to go to another park. The bus is inside the park. If that makes sense. So we’ll see how that goes, but we’re excited! Check out this dino too. Isn’t he cute? We’re about to ride on Expedition Everest! Candy’s first time. We’re going up!! Aaahhhh!! Whoooooo! What did you think, Candy? I was a little bit scared. I’m not a big fan of roller coasters anymore.

This is why Disney World’s good for me cause they’re not crazy like Busch Gardens. Now we’re gonna go to Dinosaur Land and ride the Dinosaur ride. Whooo! Yeah! That one’s more kiddie for me. Yeah, so that’ll be good. With this fog, it almost gives that Jurassic Park feeling. I know! Dinoland… There! That’s pretty. ♪ African beats ♪ Alright, so this is park #2. We’re at Hollywood Studios. The Express Bus was actually really cool. You feel like you’re in a VIP experience because you go through the back entrance and you can’t take any photos. We got here right in front of the Rockin Rollercoaster and now we’re waiting in line. It’s like a 60-minute wait, so we’re in the Single Riders line and we’re hoping we’ll get in half the time.

We’ll see. So far we’ve been waiting 15-20 minutes. We’re on our lunch break now. Hungry! Getting chicken tenders. Sounds really good. Now we’re on our way to The Great Movie Ride. We were gonna go on Tower of Terror, but they’re out of service and having technical difficulties. So this ride is just like a watching type of ride? Yeah, you just sit in a cart and go through different movies. Citizens, don’t be alarmed. We are here for your protection. Hahahaha! Now we’re in line for this Great Movie Ride and it’s usually a 15-20 minute wait because nobody wants to ride this, but it’s 45 minutes today because it’s so busy! Hello everybody and welcome to the Great Movie Ride. Please welcome our host for this one-of-a-kind tour, Robert Osborne. Look at R2D2’s feet. Aren’t they cute!? They’re the cutest thing! Hi everyone! It’s me, Dormand Esmond. See my new movie coming out this spring, ‘Part of My Wind’.

Candy eating some leftover lunch. I like to eat little by little. Throughout the day. I like to eat everything at once like a little piggy. Now we’re on to Epcot. We just got done with Hollywood Studios. So park #3. It’s so beautiful here because it’s the Flower Garden Festival. I know, it’s so pretty. Look. What are you getting, Candy? I’m gonna get the Vegeta Beta. Oh nice. Vegeta Beta. It reminds me of the Dragon Ball Z character, Vegeta. Oh yeah, hahaha. So if you’re thirsty, just come to Club Cool. You can get free drinks. Whoooo! Butterflies! There’s butterflies flying everywhere. We just went on Soarin. It was frickin awesome. I got a little teary eyed at the end. I know! I don’t know why I get so teary eyed with stuff like that.

I’m like, Awww, the world is so beautiful. Such a beautiful world we have. Hahahaha So, we just finished Epcot and now we’re on the bus. The private bus. No. It’s actually not private, but No one’s really utilizing it, so we actually have this bus all to ourselves So we definitely recommend this if you’re planning on going to Disney. Now we’re on our way to Magic Kingdom. This is our 4th and last park. I’m really excited! I haven’t been to Magic Kingdom in a long time.

Where we at, Candy!? Magic Kingdom! What! What!? Hahahaha! Our 4th and final park. We made it!! It’s seriously packed tho. I know, look at how packed it is. Popsicles. Where’s the popsicles!? Finally found my popsicles. Yummy yummy. What a great day. I love Disney. We’re gonna go on Small World. It’s like our childhood ride because our mom and our grandma used to love riding this ride at Tokyo Disneyland. It’s a ride to relax on.

♪ It’s a small world after all ♪ It’s dinner time at Be Our Guest. We made a reservation at and we’re so hungry and so tired. I don’t even know if we’ll make it after this, but we’ll see. Yeah, I can’t even smile anymore because I’m so tired and hungry. So dead.. but I mean, we did wake up at this morning and start at first thing in the morning. I think we’re doing pretty good. .

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Disney World in One Day – Visit All 4 Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida!

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