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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort | Walt Disney World

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort | Walt Disney World

In just the right like in just the right setting a simple drawing and a splash of color come alive in a landscape imagination this is Disney’s Art Animation Resort the your gateway into an incredible realm of Disney and Disney-Pixar animated films. a place we’ll actually become part of the artistry behind the magic. Here you’ll step into the storybook landscapes of four animated films The Little Mermaid’s under the sea grotto the lush Pride Lands of the Lion King.

The big blue world of Finding Nemo even the quaint little town Radiator Springs from Cars. Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is located in the heart of the magic it’s one of the newest places to stay at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and is the only resort celebrating the art of classic Disney Animation at every turn. The first thing you notice when you arrive at the resort is a brushstroke over the building the brush stroke is the way we used to create movies by hand-painting cells that gives way to diamond shapes which represent pixels the way we make movies today with computer animation. That rich attention to detail is everywhere in the lobby storyboards and sketches take you through the evolution Disney characters.

As you walk into the lobby you meant to be walking into the mind of an animator everybody even the concept artists at the front desk are there to pull you into that story In each of the courtyards everything is scaled to make you feel like you’re the size were favorite Disney character like Lightning McQueen or Simba. Welcome to the Big Blue Pool. To make swimmers experience the world as Little Nemo would the pool has to be big. The Big Blue Pool is over three hundred and ten thousand gallons of water That makes big blue the largest swimming pool at any of the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. But it offers lots of surprises beyond its size.

Underwater speakers in the pool actually lets swimmers listen in on music and characters from Finding Nemo. There are even more surprises inside the resort these spacious family suites are packed with playful details from the movies to bring you even further into the story. As you walk in Finding Nemo suite you’re walking on carpet that is meant to be the EAC. As you look on the ceiling the lights are bubbles say that you know that you’re under the ocean. Designed to accommodate up to six family members each family suite gives you plenty of room to spread out. This is your chance to star alongside classic Disney and Pixar characters in one of the best stories ever told your family’s vacation on location at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort! .

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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort | Walt Disney World

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