Edith (Shortfilm)

Edith leaves her house in Breslau on 13th of October 1933. She packs up her life. What makes her run? What makes this woman leave her previous life behind?
“Edith” was made by the group of young creatives from Germany, Poland and Ukraine during a week workshop in Wroclaw, Poland. The shooting process took place in the Edith Stein House, where the family of Edith lived at the eve of 20th century.
A rapid flight of the philosopher, teacher and carmelite nun Edith Stein.


Director – Rafał Kaczmarek
Creative Producer – Witja Frank
Camera – Anatolii Komkov
Second Camera – Viktoriia Izotova
Music & Misc. – Christoph Jakubowsky
Script – Olha Kolesnyk
Film Distribution – Mariia Mikyrtycheva, Bogdan Vasylenko

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