Eric Stefani Animation Reel

This reel is a collection of animated films I’ve done on my own and with others over the years. “Morningmare” (1985) was my first clay animation and believe it or not “A Very Fishy Event” (1998) was started in 1986 by never completed until sometime later. “A Very Fishy Event” was my first colored cel animation done with a crew of people Painting cels. Also hand drawn pencil clean ups were xeroxed onto cels by Judy Cassell and shot onto film using a professional Animation Camera. The company who shot the animation was OPTICAM who shot the animation for Richard Elfman’s “Forbidden Zone” (1980).

Other shorts include “Hicks and Chicks” (1999), “He’s got Mail” (2010), “Frisbee” (2008) and some other pencil tests that were never colored. “Laugh Larry” was a character that came out of the Messy Mathew and Clean Clara shorts books. I can’t believe he’s in full color where his friends Mathew and Clara never saw the light of day.

He meets up with Extra Tall Cat (a ball loving squirrel-like cat) who invades his home. This short got halfway finished in 2012 but never completed due to voice casting problems.

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