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Hi guys!

My name is Andjela, and I am 20 years old director and character animator from Serbia!

Yesterday, I started a YouTube channel dedicated to animation and directing. I plan on sharing all of my experiences with anybody who is interested, and I will do my best to give an insight into the animation career as well as directing!

Couple of weeks ago, me and my team got the funds from our country for me to officially direct my first animated movie. This is a big deal, and a new experience. So I decided to document the whole process for others to see how the whole process of making an animated short movie looks. The project deadline is in 2 years, so in this time I will document all the ups and downs!

I will also do artistic challenges, animation and drawing tutorials, vlogs (inside the animation studios that I work at, big animation festivals, etc.). I will also talk about my experiences so far, rejection, job interviews, inspiration pauses, etc.

My biggest dream is to direct an animated movie for Disney, with Jennifer Lee, at some point in future. And I am currently working hard towards that dream!

So, it’s a whole journey where I will stumble across a lot of first ones for an aniamtor/director, while chasing my dream, and you are able to join me on this journey and share the experiences, and maybe even learn something new!

If you are interested, please feel free to subscribe! The support would certainly mean a lot to me!
You can also find my showreel on that link if you are interested to see my work so far.

Thank you for your attention and time!

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