Abandoned places around the world….forgotten forever. But now “re-animated” from death to beauty and …alive …for a while. Toon Loenders, Bob Thissen and Jeroen Swyngedouw make stopmotion- animation films in abandoned​ places around the world….Excerpts from EXITUS, the documentary series . a documentary series by Toon Loenders, Bob Thissen & Maximiliaan Dierickx, in co-production with VRT-Canvas, NTR:, Submarine,with support from VAF | Mediafund and the coBofund

Three friends, urban explorers and filmmakers travel around the world to scout mysterious abandoned buildings. Urban Exploring is not only their passion, it’s a way of living. Along their travels they enter the wonderful world of decay, ugliness, desolation but also beauty. They will be on the road for thousands of kilometers, always on the move to secret locations and desolate buildings, with one goal ahead: to bring a mystical place back to life!

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