Farm Puppets allows you to create, send and share messages! Create your own lip-synched videos and share them on Facebook, YouTube or send them via SMS.

Easily create and send video messages. Choose a farm puppet, add a background, add a prop, record your message and send it to your friends and family! That’s it!

Farm Puppets is fun and easy! Share your feelings, a song, a story or funny video with your loved ones!

***HOW TO USE***

– Select a Farm Puppet

– Select a background

– Select a prop

– On the stage, record a message by pressing the red button

– Send the video to your friends and family by pressing the share button


Friends can work together with multiple puppets and create hilarious conversations. Select up to 4 puppets and up to 5 backgrounds to appear on the stage. While recording, simply tap a puppet to make it the active one, you’ll see an arrow pointing towards the puppet. To switch puppets and make that the active one, tap a different puppet and the auto lip-synching will switch to it. You’ll now see the arrow pointing towards this new puppet. You can also switch backgrounds to take your puppets to different places, move the puppets and scenery to animate them while recording.


Users must allow microphone access

By Smith Micro Software, Inc.

Download from Itunes

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