“Figments” animanted short

Here’s the last project I did during my second year at Arts University Bournemouth! Enjoy!!

My goal for this unit was to learn how to animate and experiment with it. I believe I achieved that with this veeeery short animated film “Figments” inspired by dreams. Mine and others. Let me know what you think!! ☺️
Another goal I had for this year was to experiment more with printmaking and more specifically for this unit – Risograph printing. I was hoping to print the whole animation on a Risograph printer but unfortunately due to lack of time and resources, I wasn’t able to do that. Still, I’m glad I got to print at least a very short part of it as you might have seen in my previous post. You’ve probably noticed how different it looks. Every frame has a unique texture which gives the animation a handmade feel. This method of work reminds me of analog films. Anyway… that’s how I wanted the animation to look and maybe one day it will.

I hope you all enjoy it! ☀️

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