Fox and the Whale | Short of the Week #043


Fox and the Whale | Short of the Week #043


This week we have a very long and a very slow but beautiful animated shoop. (new age music wave) (fire burning) (night howls) So this week’s short, Fox and the Whale by Robin Joseph, is a bit of an odd pick for me because it’s not a very interesting film in terms of the story. I would even say that nothing really happens in this 10-minute long short. The reason I did decide to pick this one for this week is because it’s so well-done in terms of visuals and composition that I couldn’t nor wanted to stop watching it from start to finish, despite nothing exciting really happening. I think it’s an impressing achievement for a film to be so visually striking that the viewer feels compelled to keep staring at it. Through the entire film we get to see a fox travels through nature’s different environment, floating in the ocean, walking through forests and deserts.

While the fox is designed in a very unique and cartoon-y way, the rests of the elements of the film are more realistic and so beautiful. Each and every shot is so well done with perfect composition and amazing background paintings. The film features a combination of 2D and 3D, having the character animated in 3D and the backgrounds composited in After Effects, but they blend in together to create a very unique look.

The animation of the fox and other characters that pop here or there is great, not distracting you from the scenery, which I feel is the main character in this one. Again, not much to say about the story here. It’s definitely more of an atmosphere piece, which I don’t usually tend to like very much. But this one worked for me. Let me know what you thought in the comments. Was this too slow and boring for you? Or did the beauty of it made it worthwhile watching? I’d love to hear what you think. The length of the film is in the description. If you’re interested in making animated movies, we have a free ebook for you, Making an Animated Short. The book takes you step by step through the entire process of making an animated short film, from coming up with a story idea all the way to exporting the final film. Click to download it for free. (jazzy drum music).



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Fox and the Whale