Gaia – 2020 – **Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short -Bournemouth University Masters Group Project

**Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short

‘Gaia’ is the story of an Australian Koala. In a traditional wooden theatre set, we follow our puppet koala (Gaia) to discover how innocent and playful she is when she comes down from her tree to investigate some strange lights and sounds from the forest. Soon she realises is a dangerous fire, and when she tries to escape she realizes there is no way out.

Gaia stands for ‘Mother Earth’. This piece is a social tribute for those animals lost in the Australian bush fires during this season. We want to thank our fire and volunteer service for conserving a vital part of our planet. There is no Planet B, and it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it.

Bournemouth University Master’s Group Project

Brenda Ximena Roldan Romero
3D Animator

Tijana Trifunović
3D Animator

Sydney Elizabeth Hopkin
Art Director
2D and 3D Animator
Storyboard Artist

Torrac Percy Siganporia
Koala Modelling
Look Development

Wilson Tang
FX Artist

Katie Eyre
Environment Modelling
Fireman Modelling


Sofronis Efstathiou
Hammadi Nait-Charif

Music and Sound:

Rodrigo Roldan Romero
Original Score

Charly Romero
Sound Producer

Charlie Marshall
Sound Effects

Special Thanks:
All MA3D MADE and MSCAVE students for supporting each other! Our friends and family for the support and energy you always send us! ♥

Depict Short Film Competition 2020 – Audience Award

Official Selections:

The Rookies 2020 – Draft Selection
7th Flamingo Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection
The Lift-Off Sessions 2020– Official Selection
Buenos Aires International Film Festival 2020 – Draft Selection
First-Time Filmmakers Sessions 2020 – Official Selection
Tulipoff International Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection
FLICKFAIR 2020 – Official Selection
FilmOneFest (Films Under 2 minutes) 2020 – Official Selection
Miami 4 Social Change Youth Film Festival 2020- Official Selection
LINOLEUM Animation Festival 2020 – Official Selection
International Inter University Short Film Festival (IIUSFF) 2020 – Official selection
5th Make Art not War Teaser Future Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection
Humano Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection
4th Chaniartoon 2020- Official Selection
Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival 2020 – Official Selection
Thessaloniki Animation Festival 2020 – Official Selection
Taichung International Animation Festival 2020 – Official Selection
Festival internacional de Animación 2020 – Official Selection
Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation 2020 – Official Selection

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