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GALLERY: ‘Archer: 1999’ Storyboards | Animation World Network

They say in space, no one can hear you scream. Well, on the new season of Archer: 1999, in space, everyone can hear you constantly bicker. Like previous seasons that reset the series narrative and required complete redesigns, including Archer: Danger Island and Archer: Dreamland, Season 10 of FXX’s dysfunctional workplace ensemble takes us to a new place and time — Sterling, Lana, Mallory and the gang have ventured into deep space to the ambiguously defined, relatively low-tech year of 1999. A new season means new characters, new sets, new props and a completely new narrative.

Like they did last year art, director Chad Hurd and associate art director Justin Wagner provided so much imagery to illustrate Season 10’s production that we’ve published a complete set of storyboards in its own gallery for your inspiration and enjoyment. Don’t forget to read their detailed breakdown of the new season’s design and animation process in Workplace Dysfunction in Zero Gravity: ‘Archer: 1999’ Has Arrived.

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