Good Guys MEGAZONE animation-HD 1080p

What do the appliances in The Good Guys stores get up to after hours?
They sing and dance to the Good Guys theme song of course!
The Good Guys generously supports Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in running Funshops at Megazone, PMH for patients & families. One such Funshop series was the weekly animation workshops with Animation Artist, Steven Aiton. These concluded with a screening of participants’ short animated films at the Megazone theatre in June 2015.
This short thank you animation to The Good Guys (and PMH Foundation) was made by Steven Aiton with Megazone’s Deb Horton-French (who assisted in coordinating the animation workshops). Deb came up with the original idea and then went about creating a few plasticine models each week, the shop-front set and collaborated on the song lyrics. Steven then animated the characters in his studio against a green screen and composited & edited it all to match the musical soundtrack which he recorded at Megazone.
Thanks to The Good Guys and Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation!

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