How much would you charge/pay for this?


Hey guys,

I’m a bit of a hobbyist animator experimenting with different kinds of animation videos. Mostly I make those story time animation videos on YouTube.
However, somebody was looking for an animation to go with their song. They wanted a small loop only that would not have taken me long. However, when I got the song, I kinda liked it and wanted to make something more. The song is about 2 minutes long and I animated a few repetitive scenes as well as embed lyrics in the video. If you are curious how it turned out, here is a link:


I didn’t charge the guy for the animation. For those of you that freelance, I was wondering how much would you have charged for a piece of work like that? Also, how do you determine your prices?
And for the consumers, how much would you pay for an animation like that?
Also, If I want to continue making similar videos, how could I improve them?

Many thanks!

Love and Peace Toons


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