“HOW TO…” Spoof instructional short animations

Quirky Pictures led a workshop for Film and Video Workshop. These series of short flash film were made over a period of four days during Summer Break. Ours student created short stories , recorded a voice over and then animated to the sound using Adobe Flash CS3.

The”How To” films were based on a skill or a hobby The film are a short instructional video for friends and family to watch. Some are funny, ore are spoof …

How to:

1) Table tennis by Brandon
2) Eat a VLC (very large cow) by Guillem
3) To protect your house from a vacuum cleaner by Nicholas
4) To defend yourself against granparents by Samuel
5) To survive a plane crash by Elliot
6) To win a bet by Lawren
7) To survive a minefiled by Alex
8) To survive in the middle of nowhere by Seran
9) to protect yourself from turbo-charged ninja of doom by james

To know more about the project and to view picture and information regarding the others short film go to:

View still at : http://www.flickr.com/groups/quirkypictures/ or just scroll below

Thanks to the Summer University of London 12 pupils aged 10 – 16 years took part in a four day animation workshop. Working with two professional animators, the children created a series of playful animation film. They spent the days planning, storyboarding, acting and recording their narration, and they learnt how to use Adobe Flash to create their drawn animation, and Garage Band to create a soundtrack. Using Flash the student learnt the basic technique of drawn animation.

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