Hunter — short film

A short film created by “Hunters” animation studio aka Studio Infografika

It’s really here! Our first short film — Hunter

A long time ago, in a city not far away we came up with a 10-second sketch which turned out to be our first short film. The story got bigger and bigger. New characters, locations, stylistic solutions, meanings, gags — just like in our studio. Hardly did we realise back then that by creating a cartoon we are creating a new home for our future ideas. This home is now called Hunters animation and it will host our animated series and films to come.

This short film is our tech demo, a stepping stone to the world of real storytelling. We are hunters for dreams, ideas, inspiration and talents. For now, we hope you like our story and share our passion, because all of us have dreams to hunt for. See ya!

Idea and script: Yuriy Armstrong
Direction: Igor Blackvich
Executive producer: Yuliya Elupova
Producer: Daria Safronova
Storyboard: Igor Blackvich
Character design: Irina Shkodkina, Anastasia Alterka
Background illustration: Tatiana Bolotova, Igor Blackvich, Igor Kirichenko
Rig: Nadya Krivosheina, Alexander Popov
Character Animation: Nadya Krivosheina, Tatiana Popova, Alexander Popov
Background animation: Konstantin Yakimov, Katya Tikhonova, Dmitriy Kaverznev,
3D: Ilya Glotov, Dmitriy Kaverznev
Composing: Dmitriy Kaverznev, Nadya Krivosheina
Composer: Denis Dronov
Sound-design: Alexander Rublevskiy, Nikita Gankin

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