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20 thoughts on “Indian babushka”

  1. La Canopée says:

    Aussi belle que l’originale … une touche d’exotisme en plus qui nous emmène … ❤️ Merci Le Tone

  2. Melissa Herrera says:

    i want this song on my life soundtrack movie !! awesome song! ! beautiful!

  3. Le Tone says:

    @ga-tan-fig: <3

  4. Le Tone says:

    @julio-espin: 🙂 thanks

  5. Julio Espin says:

    @millie-mercedes: Same here. I find myself putting this entire playlist on a loop each day whether I’m cleaning the house, making dinner or behind the monitor at work.

  6. Julio Espin says:

    This is nothing short of incredible. I thought no version could outdo Kate Bush’s but I was proven wrong. This is a great find!

  7. FI2GY says:

    love this version

  8. ModernisM says:

    This is Marvelous. Well done all involved!

  9. Tanjusha Chulkova says:

    Бабушка) очаровательно поистине)

  10. Le Tone says:

    @millie-mercedes: <3 thanks

  11. plastic_icons says:

    très joli cet arpège, on dirait du juno-60 et très chouette version… allez, je me réécoute le petit nabab 🙂

  12. Millie Mercedes says:

    its been 2 years there is not one week that goes by without me playing this track atleast once. i dont know who to compliment…all who worked on it…thumbs up for everytime i play this.

  13. Sitar&Guitar says:

    This is so interesting – love the vocals and the electronic blend – this will be in favorites for sure

  14. Le Tone says:

    @almoon: merci ^^ vous pouvez l’acquérir, en clickant sur la flêche

  15. ALex Moon says:

    Aussi charmant et envoûtant que l’originale !

  16. MIUTOO says:

    Baboushka ya ya yaaaaa… ! thanks Tone !

  17. Le Tone says:

    @mexicaninstituteofsound: yahou

  18. MexicanInstituteofSound says:

    Lovely! So great to hear from you …cheers from mexico Camilo

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