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Indian Girl

The Love Theme drops his debut album this May. This is our first record being released with digital smell-o-vision, and pure muskox pheromones will be released every time you play it via our patented process. If you have a girlfriend, be prepared to lose her.

Source by Permanent Damage Records

9 thoughts on “Indian Girl”

  1. Permanent Damage Records says:

    have a look at the Indian Girl video – click the link below:)

  2. Permanent Damage Records says:

    @sizzlebird: thanks man glad you like it

  3. Permanent Damage Records says:

    @djumb: cool – review time:)

  4. djumb says:

    Hey man love this

  5. SizzleBird says:

    omg, this is wicked 😀

  6. Eggchan says:

    this indian chick is on the dexies me thinks, sweet tune

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