Indian Tent


I’d like to be someone, I’d like to see someone
Who means something
I would like to dream and I would like to sing
I wanna get up, climb the Fuji mountain
Swim across the sea, dive deep down and
I would like to be the one I’ve never been
But then sometimes I wanna be noting and no one but me
So would you give me a different picture
Would you give me something else I wanna see
I wanna scream across the desert where I don’t need to sustain
I’d like to shut down my brain
Become a lion, snake, a lizzard
I’d like to catch my breath from time to time
Drink rum with lemon, lime
Say I’m not fine when I really don’t feel fine
I’d like to act a bit crazy, though I’m not
I’m perfectly normal, calm and lazy
I forgot what normal means
I imagine scenes in my dreams
I wanna be somebody, I say
But in the desert my voice screams
I wanna be the president of The United States
End all the wars
Bring all the people who wanna come through the Golden Gates
I wanna serve plates with money
Love the one who waits, who thinks I’m beautiful and funny
Love the one who erases my fear
Nobody else I don’t wanna hear
I wanna see crystal clear, have an ice cold beer
Tell me that I’m weird, we’re all weird
I’ll be weird in a different sort of way
So why don’t you fit in
Try to live forever Mr Gray

I’d like to catch the time
Think of a new rhyme that no one else has ever thought of
I know it’s a bit of naive, but I’m the sort of
Who thinks it’s gonna be better when you put on a different sweater
I’m the kind that believes in sentences
It’s not what I meant
But it is
I’m the girl who wants to meet someone who means something
But it will turn out he’s a prick
So I’ll better dream that thing
I’d like to care a bit more
Move my eyes off the floor
Do only the thing I love and adore
And what I’m good at and for
I’d like to play the guitar like the master of destruction
Stop corruption, I wanna function, but I’m a junction
Of many different things
A revolutioner who sings
A politician, my intuition goes like Bear Grills on a mission
I’m blind but I have a vision
A collision of thoughts collide
Revolutioners died
Revolutions without pride
With leaders who shat and lied
I’m the kind of who wants to make a difference
But too cowardly to differ
So don’t give me institutions, I won’t call you madam, sir
And I prefer imagining things rather than doing something about it
It’s what writers do – just imagine
And then shout it out loudly as you can
Shout for women and men
But never do nothing about it then
Say it’s a matter of principles and that you’ll never doubt it then

Oh make me an apple pie
But I don’t like apple pies
I don’t like saying good-bye
But I always end up sayin’ good-byes
Someday lies ain’t gonna be unlike the truth
These terms will fade away
It ain’t gonna matter who’s sayin’ what
Who’s playing and who’s played
I’m played by the rhythm of the strings on this guitar
I’m also played by the leaders so I won’t go any far
I’m a doctor’s child but I’m not near at being healthy
I go out in the Sun
30 degrees, the Sun will melt me
I would likely freeze to death
But first take me to an Indian tent
I’ll tell nobody where I went
Just wanna dance with Indians
It’s what I meant

Source by Miriam Official

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