Jared Deal Animation Reel

Expand the window full screen by clicking in the corner of the video, this allows for the best results & will minimize any choppiness & frame loss. It will allow you to view the animation smooth, as it was meant to be.
This is a compilation of my animation over the past few years. My name is Jared Deal, I’m an animator/ designer based in New York. I’ve been working in the industry since my first job in ’98 as a character designer for MTV Network’s “Downtown”. For the past 10 years I’ve animated and designed on many shows for Viacom as well as many of the other studios here in the city. I’ve worked on everything from series animation to music videos to short films. Although I am a character designer at heart, I pride myself on knowing & learning all of the aspects of the animation
process. I have been hired as character designer, background designer, prop designer, lead animator, layout supervisor, director, storyboard artist, inker & colorist. Aside from the daily grind, I have also had some success pitching my own ideas, landing development deals with Cartoon Network, Atomic Cartoons, and Studio B Productions. My online portfolio and animation work can be seen here… www.carnivalcartoons.com For my most recent work & updates you can visit jareddeal.blogspot.com

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