Larry Mittenhands: The Little Freakin’ Knight (Animated Short)

Larry Mittenhands: The Little Freakin’ Knight is a parody of Larry: The Little Freakin’ Knight. The very first short film was produced by New Line Cinema in collaboration with two extraordinary talents including; James L. Brooks and Matt Harrigan. This is a story about Larry Mittenhands, and he was the chosen one. The evil villain lair named Overlord, and he wants to rule the land. Kikket and the wizard are knowing the truth. Watch the short film of Larry Mittenhands: The Little Freakin’ Knight.

Created by Draigon Kemp
Written by Draigon Kemp
Directed by Draigon Kemp
Executive Producer Draigon Kemp
Featuring the Voice of Draigon Kemp, Stephen Kemp,
Luke M. Cooper, Aleece Merrell and Colton Kemp
Animator & Coloring Draigon Kemp
Storyboard by Draigon Kemp (Animation Sequence)
Score by Draigon Kemp
Casting by Draigon Kemp
Edited by Draigon Kemp
Post Production Audio Draigon Kemp
Creative Consultant Draigon Kemp

Made possible by:

In loving memory of:
George Kemp

Special thanks to:
Matt Groening

In recognition of:
Draigon Kemp
Stephen Kemp
Luke M. Cooper
Aleece Merrell
Colton Kemp

In appreciation of:
Paul Germain
Kevin Biggins
Travis Bowe
Kim Fertman

In appreciation of Gracie Films:
Al Jean
Mike Reiss
Sam Simon
Richard Sakai
James L. Brooks
Ken Tsumura

In appreciation of New Line Cinema:
Marcus Viscidi

In appreciation of Adult Swim:
Matt Harrigan

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