Looking for Animators for full time freelance (PAID!)


I was checking for the rules of this Reddit, if i’m breaching them please let me know!

Anyway, My name is Jeff, I am the current channel manager for the YouTube channel SmashBits Animations and I am also currently scouting for new animators for join our team, be it freelance work or a full time position at our office! I can offer more information in DMs.

I have been lurking around this community for a short while before I got this job, I have seen the talent here so I am looking to give back to those of you who truly work hard, if you wish to apply then you can do so here: [https://www.smashbits.net/join-our-team](https://www.smashbits.net/join-our-team)

We are mainly looking for anyone talented in VFX Animation and character animation, all are welcome to apply! be sure to let them know that Jeff sent you. And if you have any questions, DM me or just ask them here!

Thank you!


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