LOS (Short Film) – Martin Del Carpio

Art Film Awards 2021 – Award Winner for Best Animated Film.
Stop Motion Film Festival 2020 – Award Winner for Best Collage Art.
First Hermetic International Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection.
The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction and Supernatural Festival 2021 – Finalist.
OGA Visual Art Exhibitions 2021 – Official Selection.
OTB | Only The Best Film Awards 2021 – Award Winner for Best Animation Short.
NewFilmmakers NY 2021 – Official Selection.
Hallucinea Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection.
Sci-Fi, Terror and Fantasy Film Festival 2021 – Official Selection.
Prague International Monthly Film Festival 2020 – Honorable Mention for Best Sci-Fi & Finalist for Best Animated.
Gravedigger Dave’s Anthology Festival 2021 – Honorable Mention.
Screener Short Films 2021 – Official Selection.
Deptford Cinema Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection.
Varese International Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection.
Stuff MX Film Festival 2020 – Official Selection.
Monthly Indie Shorts 2020 – Official Selection.
Limelight Film Contest 2020 – Official Selection.


Genre – A motion picture book.

In another time, on a different world, mankind has made progress . . . Ruled by the very AI they developed and employed to set them free, humans have become slaves to their machine. We have lost friendship, love, and sex, and we are the machine labor and means of production. In a tomorrow-land without touch or value, a future very much of our making, upon which human life is transaction and output, we have lost humanity. The AI, the machine, has put us to work, and we humans do not work without it. We labor and toil for calculations and machinations logical and unfeeling, having forgotten one another and ourselves.

Yet there are the Los: the most human of us, ostracized, exiled, and refuted by the rest for knowing nature and refusing to resist intimacy and the intangible connections of life. It is the Los who would free mankind to return to their humanity and to become again the collective “we” of individuality, of love, of freedom from artificial design. The Los will go to war for the humans who were not and for the humans they are, but . . . will they save us? – By Frank Vasquez

concept + direction: Martin Del Carpio

collage art + animation: Nikola Gocic

music: Sharif Sehnaoui

production: RX36 Films

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