Maryland Film Festival 2013 – Break Dance Animation

This a film bumper (meaning it plays between films) that I had worked on all semester for the Maryland Film Festival in Junior year. The committee can only select so many submissions, mines didn’t make the cut as you can see. This was the first time I use live action and animation together for a project and my next time in the director seat. The help of one my friends (who also happens to be a professional model) came to my rescue and gave up some of her time to help me. After this experience I would love to do another live action animation again in the future, I had lots of fun working on this one.

The class I did this in was Animation Production. In this class students will collaborate on the production of a short animation film and thus get a chance to go through the different steps of producing an animated film up to the final copy. The project will be selected from the AN345 pre-production class. This class is open to 2D and 3D animators but 2D techniques will be favored as the instructor is a 2D practitioner.

Software and Materials used: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Audition.Video camera

Credit: Max Porter, my professor who help me come up with the ideal to do both live action and animation to save time. He even help me even edit my film. Melanie, the model who help being in the short film

Music: unknown

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